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have you been injured?

our chiropractors in murfreesboro can help you feel better

Meet dr. devan

With offices in Murfreesboro and Franklin, Dr. Devan is known and loved by many in the greater Nashville community. He specializes in treatments of both acute and chronic pain. He understands the symptoms that arise after injuries and comes up with a unique plan with getting you back to a pain free life in mind.


how can a chiropractor help me?

If you have been injured after an auto or work accident, Unity Chiropractic can help you. We accept all major insurances. 

Unity is THE BEST! the first interaction i had with them i had to be carried in the door while crying from the pain i was in. i had two bulging disks in my lower back and couldn’t walk because i couldn’t put any weight on my right leg. Devan took fantastic care of me and stayed calm while i was obviously freaking out. i learned later on that they were super busy that day, and even though he was in and out of the room i still felt like i had his full attention. i was able to hobble out with just a bit of assistance that day. aside from the great care, their office has a warm and welcoming environment. seriously cant recommend them enough!

— Bree H

do you want to feel better today?

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