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Chiropractic Care for Bedwetting

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

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Older children who struggle with bedwetting may find themselves staying home from slumber parties or summer camps to avoid putting themselves in embarrassing situations. They might even suffer from low self-esteem from wetting the bed at an older age. While doctors feel that eventually children will outgrow bedwetting, waiting until that time can be frustrating, and that time may not come without additional intervention. In fact, studies have shown that only about 15% of children who suffer from night wetting outgrow it without any form of intervention. Night wetting, or nocturnal enuresis, can happen in children who are potty trained during the day but still struggle with bladder control at night or children who have seemingly mastered night training but then seem to regress. It is thought that these children simply need to gain more muscle control when it may actually be a different issue entirely, one that is rooted in spinal cord health. It is encouraging for parents to know that chiropractic care has been shown to be a natural and safe method to help children who still struggle with night wetting.

Spinal Health Reduced Night Wetting

All nerves in the body are connected to the spinal cord, which controls the body’s functions, including the bladder. In fact, the lumbar spine controls the entire excretory system that rids the body of waste. It might not be lack of muscle control that causes children to wet the bed at night, but actually a misalignment of the spine. Misalignments interrupt nerve communication from the spine to other parts of the body so that messages cannot be effectively delivered. Many excretory issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, UTIs, and even night wetting can be caused by a miscommunication from the brain and spinal cord to the excretory system. Dr. Devan Arman, a Franklin chiropractor, can remove spinal misalignments to open up communication between systems once again, allowing the body to function properly. Chiropractic care has known to be such an effective way to manage bedwetting that many children report significant improvement after just one adjustment!

Studies Have Shown Chiropractic Is Effective for Resolving Bedwetting

Research has shown a strong correlation between chiropractic adjustments and improvements in night wetting. This can be very encouraging for both the parents who struggle with knowing how to help their children and the children who very much want the issue resolved. One case study involved a six-year-old with autism and bedwetting problems. After several adjustments, he saw a complete resolution of his nocturnal enuresis. Additionally, a nine-year-old child that visited a chiropractor reported being accident free after just seven visits to a chiropractor, and night wetting was completely eradicated after just four months.

Don’t stand by any longer feeling powerless to help your child with bedwetting issues. Contact Franklin chiropractor Dr. Devan Arman of Unity Chiropractic to set up a consultation today.


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