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Chiropractic Care Is Beneficial As We Age

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

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Getting older comes with its own set of challenges. Our body experiences wear and tear, isn’t as strong as it once was, and can even suffer from a variety of problems that affect balance. If you feel that your body isn’t what it once was as you get older, you may find that chiropractic care is extremely beneficial for improving and restoring body function. Although chiropractic care has been around for over a century, many people from older generations are just now beginning to seek out and experience for themselves the healing power of chiropractic care. Consistent chiropractic care for elder health has many advantages for improving overall health and function of the body to bring about relief from health issues as well as increase mobility, decrease pain, and improve quality of life.

What Health Concerns to Older Adults Suffer From?

If you or someone you love is getting into the wonder years, you may begin to see many health concerns begin to affect body function. For instance, wear and tear on the body can lead to conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, or general chronic pain in the knees, hips, hands, or feet. This not only causes unwanted pain, but can also affect your ability to move about as you once could. Limited range of motion or mobility because of muscle or joint stiffness or pain becomes more common as we age. It can make sitting, standing, walking, or bending over very difficult. Muscle or joint stiffness can also affect balance. Poor balance can cause falls among the elderly, which can cause severe injuries and even hospitalization or preventable surgeries. Knowing that they could experience a fall at any time that could be life changing leads to a fear of falling for many senior citizens, which can drastically affect their optimism and happiness. In addition to muscle and joint pain, older adults also complain of an inability to sleep, loss of energy, and just overall reduction of health. Thankfully, Franklin chiropractor Dr. Devan Arman can help change all of that!

Chiropractic Care for Elder Health

Neurologically-based chiropractic care from Dr. Arman of Unity Chiropractic has the ability to make a world of difference for elder health. Spinal misalignments can be the root cause of many health issues, such as sleeplessness or fatigue. Poor spinal alignment also affects balance that can lead to a greater risk of falling. Gentle adjustments from Dr. Arman will remove spinal misalignments to restore proper alignment and nerve communication so the body can function optimally once again. Additionally, chiropractic care is a great option for improving joint health and musculoskeletal function to improve range of motion and mobility. Help your body still feel as young as your mind tells you that you are with regular visits to Franklin chiropractor Dr. Devan Arman. You will be amazed at the health improvements you will see and feel when you are under regular chiropractic care.

If aging has been a struggle for you or someone you love, take matters into your own hands with chiropractic care. Schedule a visit to see Dr. Devan Arman of Unity Chiropractic in Franklin, TN and experience an overall improvement in your health, mobility, and quality of life. We also have a chiropractor practice in Murfreesboro as well! We look forward to seeing you soon!


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