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Chiropractic Care Is a Must After an Auto Accident

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Being in a car accident can be a scary experience. One moment, everything is fine, and the next, you are involved in an auto accident, unsure of the damage done to your vehicle and your body. Most of the time, car accidents are just minor fender benders, but they can still lead to pain and injury. Not only is there emotional trauma from a car accident, but there is usually physical trauma as well. If there is damage to your car, there is damage to your body as well, no matter how minor. After an auto accident, it is important that you know how to proceed in taking care of yourself. You should always be aware of spine or neck pain, as it could be a sign of a bigger problem. Be sure to get checked out by a chiropractor no matter how you feel after an accident because sometimes pain won’t manifest itself until several days after an auto accident. If you experience back or neck pain after an accident, Franklin chiropractor Dr. Devan Arman can help address pain to prevent short- and long-term consequences and get you back to feeling your best.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

The most common complaint after a car accident is back or neck pain. Because of the forward and backward motion of the car during the collision, the neck and spine are suddenly forced in one direction and then the other, leading to stiffness and pain. Rear end auto accidents can lead to painful symptoms of whiplash as the body is forced forward upon impact and then slammed backward. Most people assume that whiplash only occurs at high speeds, when it can actually occur at speeds of only a few miles per hour. Whiplash can cause serious discomfort in the form of neck pain, stiff muscles, and decreased range of motion. It can also cause headaches. Lower back pain is another common injury that occurs from auto accidents. The problem with any type of injury from an auto accident is that left untreated, it can quickly turn into more serious problems. Back or neck issues can become chronic, leading to long-term pain and other related issues. Don’t let small injuries turn into major health concerns that affect your quality of life. After an auto accident, be sure to consult a Franklin chiropractor who can ease back and neck pain to bring long-term relief.

Chiropractic Is a Safe, Natural, Non-Invasive Solution for Pain

Addressing auto accident injuries right away is the best possible way to allow your body to heal as thoroughly and as quickly as possible. For some, turning to pain medication may be the first instinct. But the problem with pain medication is that it is only a short-term solution as symptoms can return after discontinuing use. Franklin chiropractor Dr. Devan Arman of Unity Chiropractic seeks to treat the root cause of back or neck pain to bring about lasting relief so that you can resume function as normal. Spinal misalignments almost always occur after being in a car accident. If you don’t seek help, these misalignments can lead to inflammation and pain, in addition to a myriad of health concerns that have been linked to nervous system health. Gentle chiropractic adjustments restore proper alignment and nerve function to alleviate pain. Dr. Devan Arman can put the spine in line once again so that the body can heal properly and you can experience a full recovery.

Decrease Pain and Increase Health with Chiropractic

One of the most amazing benefits of chiropractic care is that it not only decreases pain, but it also increases whole body health. When the body can communicate with no interference from spinal misalignments, it can work together optimally to bring about health. Chiropractic care is just as much for back and neck pain as it is for overall health and wellness. Improve immune system function, digestion, and a myriad of other functions through regular chiropractic care. Don’t wait until pain manifests itself to visit Franklin chiropractor Dr. Devan Arman. Schedule your appointment with Unity Chiropractic today for auto accident injuries, chronic pain, and overall wellness.


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